5 thoughts on “Legal Aliens #26: Novella Directions

  1. FYI———El Supers Hover-Cliner was specially ordered on Planet Prubaxico from
    an on-laser-line company that projects virtual products into your pod-casa.
    The line of goods are Known as “Freaky- Dee-Thing furnishings” Novella is slam full of
    spare parts that Supey used from F-D-T inc. But no one has to know!

    1. I see his hover-cliner emits fumes just like mine at home! That’s why I heard that the Freaky-Dee-Thing Inc. got shut done by PEPA (Prubaxico Environmental Protection Agency)?

  2. Yep! There’s no way Novella would get passed customs back home on Prubaxico with all those
    PEPA Peligro Agents scouring the vicinity!

  3. Now, does Gato sound like Scooby Doo or Astro… Hey, wait a minute. did the same guy do their voices because I just realized they sound the same!
    🙁 😉

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