Frencci Rivera

About the illustrator

E. Frencci Rivera (pronounced French-ie)

Conceptual artist and creative writer, Frencci Rivera -Growing up in the rough inner city streets of New York, I was heavily influenced by Urban Pop Graffiti Culture of the 70s and 80s, which triggered my desire to pursue a unique style in the way I designed the unimaginable, depicted in my craft of illustration and story telling. My dad, Abednego Rivera was a great influence on us as well. Being an artist and along with mother Margarita, raising 9 kids in the BRONX- you have to expect a legacy of humor to spawn from such an environment. My brother Mel and I throughout the years have collaborated on many character concepts. We felt with Legal Aliens there was a wealth of endless jokes and puns to incorporate into these strips, beginning with how we were raised, the music, the foods we ate. I think about how we, Mel and I, fought tooth and nail for the free surprise in the Capn Crunch cereal box and boomright then my mind will translate that as an idea for the next LA comic strip. We hope in these serious times our nation faces that you along with my brother and I can escape on an adventure, a journey that will take you on a comical mission. To boldly go where no man has gone before The Ladies room -Alfred E. Newman (Mad Magazine-1976)