Mel Rivera

Mel Rivera – Born in the Bronx, now living somewhere else. Is the co-creator of Legal Aliens with his brother Frencci.

Mel – I think Latinos are some of the funniest people on our planet. But much of our humor can get lost in the translation i.e. if I say “quiere un poquito de bacalao” real fast; I smile just because it sounds funny. But if I say it in English “ Do you want a little bit of cod fish?” No matter how fast I say it I don’t smile or laugh! So we’ll try to bridge the gap with a funny dichotomy of Spanish-English. Why do our aliens speak spanglish! The same bloody reason every alien on TV spoke perfect English?!

I think little green men from deep espacio, speaking spanglish has got to strike a cord with the billion Latinos that grew up having parents that spoke only Spanish (at home) and they learn English in school and on the street. And it clogged our brains, bent our tongues to the point where almost every sentence is peppered with the Latin Sazon!

I like to laugh and “Legal Aliens” makes me laugh and hungry…Quiere un poquito de bacalao? -MR


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